Bula Vinaka & Welcome to the Ministry of Forestry Website

The Forestry Sector will increasingly become highly critical especially in the face of the ongoing threat of climate change and the need to sustainably manage our natural resources, and to grow our economy.

Trees and forests play vital roles in climate change mitigation and adaptation, in environment protection and increasing biodiversity, and in growing our economy in improving livelihoods for all Fijians-all of which lead to socio-economic and political stability.

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Central Eastern

Office Location

Takayawa Building, Toorak, Suva

Landline : 3301 611

Director – Central/Eastern

Mr Moape Lotawa

Mobile : 9966 806

Email : moape.lotawa@mff.gov.fj


Office Location

Lot 60,Vitogo Parade. Lautoka. Peekay Building

Landline : 6661 300

Director – West

Mr. George Vuki

Mobile : 9928 955

Email : georgevuki2019@mff.com


Office Location

Macuata House, Nasea, Labasa

Landline : 8815 674

Director – North

Mr. Maleli Nakasava

Mobile : 9928 983

Email : maleli.nakasava@govnet.gov.fj